Thursday, October 17, 2019

Can Love Be Bought With Money Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Can Love Be Bought With Money - Essay Example In our society, many young girls in search of shortcuts to wealth want to get married to a matured person, preferably of the age of their father. Apparently, it does seem odd but they have a reason for it which they are not quite comfortable revealing. When asked why that is so, most of these girls would reply that they like aged men because they are more decent and matured as compared to young boys. This is hardly ever true! Apparently, when one of these girls gets married to an aged person, it seems that the old man has managed to buy love, but this is mostly false! In a vast majority of cases, the girl chooses to stay with the aged husband because, in the capacity of his wife, she is able to get his signatures on blank cheques. The girls retrieve money and assets from the aged husbands so that they can live a fulfilling life with their young boyfriends once the aged husband dies or they have retrieved sufficient money from him to seek the divorce. These aged men don’t buy l ove but are just used by young girls to become rich. A rich man is apparently able to get more friends than a poor man, but the friends only stay with him as long as they can benefit from his money. Rich men are often hidden in a circle of friends in social gatherings. An outsider may think that the rich man has a very strong personality or is a beloved person, but the fact is that the people around him are there for their personal interests. People seek rich people for friendship so that they can have financial support when they are in trouble.

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